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"I've worked with Dr. Bragman on a number of cases over a long period of time. He has all the skills I look for in an expert. He has a strong substantive knowledge of his field and the applicable standards of care and, most importantly, he does a wonderful job testifying because he communicates his opinions in a convincing fashion. I recommend him to anyone searching for an expert in the chiropractic field."

Stuart B. Eisenberg Esq.
Detroit MI

Alan H. Bragman, D.C.

About Alan H. Bragman, D.C.

Alan H. Bragman, D.C. has served as a chiropractic malpractice expert witness in more than 1100 cases throughout North America. In addition, he has performed thousands of independent medical exams, insurance reviews and frequently consulted with major insurance carriers. In the past he has managed numerous chiropractic networks for major insurance carriers, by setting up and administrating their programs. Based on this experience, he has derived an excellent understanding of the standards of care relating to the chiropractic profession.

Dr. Bragman has practiced in the Atlanta area for nearly 30 years and specializes in treating patients with athletic, traumatic and personal injuries. Among some of the common injuries he treats are: knee pain, foot complaints, shin splints, neck and shoulder pain, tennis elbow, lower back pain, hamstring tears and strained muscles. His private practice offers patients comprehensive workups including orthopedic, neurological and diagnostic examinations in advance of development of a treatment plan.

He is a member and consultant of many athletic organizations and has treated Olympians to casual athletes through rehabilitation work, strength, flexibility and core training.

Client Testimonial

I feel that your testimony was very effective as we successfully defended this lawsuit. Your outstanding background of training and experience along with your professional physical appearance had the Jury attentive as you went about explaining the review process and your findings. The Jury not only found you credible but they were able to relate to your explanation regarding the procedures that were done and what should have been done in regards to chiropractic care.

Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance Companies
Ed Ditto, CPCU, AIC, AIM
District Claim Manager